No Limit Casestudy:

Business need.

Telenor Group is one of the world's major mobile operators that builds on 160 years of telecom experience.
Telenor is a leading telecommunication company that offers a full range of services: mobile, fixed and data, to more than 3.5 million active subscribers in Bulgaria. As of end of September 2016, the company's services are available to 99.92% of Bulgaria's population, covering over 97.15 % of the country's territory, and Telenor 4G network covers approximately 76% of the population.
Telenor contacted No Limit with a request for a web application for their Christmas marketing campaign. The campaign commonly known as is one of the most popular corporate social activity of the company within the borders of Bulgaria. The application’s idea consisted of users uploading short video stories from their mobile devices and share them with friends within the reach of Telenor’s services. After a certain period of time a on a lottery principle Telenor would pick winners that would be granted material prizes.
Telenor has more than 210 million mobile subscriptions and 36,000 employees in 13 countries in Europe and Asia.

What No Limit accomplished.

No Limit was chosen as referred partner for the project by DDB. The web application consisted of admin panel containing metrics regarding the campaign. The metrics were derived by vital data gathered from the people using the application. The application also had integration with Google Maps API. The Facebook integration made it possible for the users to freely share their video stories as well as other people’s video stories. The Google Maps API made it possible to visualize where exactly was the video taken by visualizing the country map with the various cities and video stories popping out at the locations.

During the development of the project the team working on the application have come up with innovative and efficient solution for data gathering and storing. Although there were some issues during the development stage the team managed to deploy the project within the initial time and scope and provide support during the testing and go live version of the application.
Adobe Photoshop

How No Limit helped.

After successful completion of the project Telenor had experienced great conversion rate from non- users to users. They have gained awareness for their new products and services. Telenor have also gathered valuable data that provided them with real customer data that was used for better decision making regarding the marketing strategy of the company.

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