No Limit Casestudy:

Business need.

Moveeasy develops a platform that automates the moving process.
Moveeasy helps realtors, property managers, HR managers and many others guide their clients through every step of their move or helping moving companies enhance their user experience with their clients. The system takes care of every aspect of the moving process.
Moveeasy contacted No Limit for creating User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) for the platform. The assignment consisted of three major parts. Due to the nature of the product of Moveeasy the system had to be split into several logical modules. The second major task was incorporating material design style with interchangeable color scheme to fit other design styles. In the work process a new website had to be developed in order to better showcase the product and use it as a marketing tool.
Moveeasy helps you with preparing all the necessary things for your move to a new place - from the logistics to the house inspection!

What No Limit accomplished.

No Limit was chosen as a preferred nearshore outsourcing partner due to long collaboration on previous smallscale projects prior to the abovementioned. The stable partnership meant easy execution and flawless communication between both parties.

In the course of development there were small issues requiring innovative approaches for optimal and effective work in the future. During the development stage the company decided that No Limit will also execute the development of the company’s website. The website’s idea was to incorporate product showcase and sales page at the same time. Both of those leading to stable conversion of website visitors to clients.

During the back-end development stage, Moveeasy decided to employ No Limit for technological consulting for their team. With experts on hand No Limit managed to recommend the best course of action with the technology used at the time - Angular JS.
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

How No Limit helped.

After successful completion of the project Moveeasy managed to attract further investments for the development of their product. The company also managed to land deals with two major players on the real estate market in New England, United States. The partnership brought stable growth and increased scalability for Moveeasy after the completion of the project.

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